Customising your TrackRecord experience

Whenever we add features to TrackRecord we discuss the impact those new features will have on our customers. To date, we’ve always tried to spend our development time wisely, working on features that will be appreciated by the majority, rather than the minority. This often involves admitting that not everyone likes to work in the same way. As a result, TrackRecord tries (wherever possible) to allow you to customise its time tracking behaviour.

The majority of this customisation will occur in TrackRecord’s preference pane. Today we’d like to give you a quick run through of the options available to you. To open the Preference pane, use the keyboard shortcut Command key , or select ‘Preferences…’ from the TrackRecord menu.

Here’s a run down of the options available to you under the General tab:

  • Add TrackRecord to the menu bar. As we discussed in a previous news post, this option toggles the existence of the TrackRecord menu bar item.
  • Hide timer badges in the Project pane. Project pane badges are handy for keeping track of timers which have unposted time against them, but some people don’t like the visual distraction. The preference pane makes it easy to hide them.
  • Remove timers after they have been posted to Basecamp. If selected, TrackRecord will remove timers from TrackRecord after they’ve been posted to Basecamp.
  • Let me edit a Timer’s description immediately after it is created. Get started quickly by editing your timers description.

Under the Basecamp tab there are a number of options for Basecamp specific settings:

  • Hide to-dos and to-dolists marked as ‘complete’ in Basecamp. Great for completionists, TrackRecord lets you hide anything you’ve marked as complete within Basecamp.
  • Automatically set posted times to the current date and time. This one has tripped a few people up. It’s selected automatically and ensures that whenever you post time to Basecamp, the timer is updated to today’s time and date. Handy for people who don’t enjoy manually updating timer dates.

Today we’ve covered just a few of the options available to TrackRecord users. Please feel free to grab a copy yourself and give them a try. TrackRecord is built to work the way you want it to. If there’s something you think we’re missing, why not drop us a line?