The TrackRecord mobile status board

Here in the office we’re all big fans of Panic. Being a Mac-based web design agency, we use Transmit on an almost daily basis and absolutely love it. We especially loved their Panic Status Board and knew that when we released our first Mac application, TrackRecord, we wanted to take a shot at cooking up our own status board solution.

Sadly, while we don’t quite have the budget for a nice, wall-mounted Samsung 460UXN-2 professional display, we do have an office iPad. The result is the TrackRecord mobile status board.

It runs from our local webserver and makes use of a healthy helping of HTML5 and CSS3. We grab site visits from our Mint installation, with the number of application downloads, sales and revenue generated from our own logs. We even calculate the number of trial copies due to expire today (and those due to expire the day after). Running in the background is a Google Map which we use to plot recent sale locations. And at the bottom we’ve even got a twitter activity ticker to let us know when we need to get back to people.

All data is updated via AJAX calls at set intervals, to keep things nice and fresh. Rest assured, though, that all of the information you see in the above pictures has been faked. Visitor counts, downloads and purchases have been (unfortunately) massively inflated, and purchase locations have been randomized.